brother sudden demise

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May 27, 2015

The Honorable Ms. Sushma Swaraj
External Affair Minister
New Delhi

RE: Demise of my brother Mr.Vinod Ramesh Chandwani

Dear Honorable Minister,

I am writing concerning my brother sudden demise of Mr.Vinod Ramesh Chandwani, he had took employment with B5 PLUS LTD, PO BOX 853, COMMUNITY 1 POST OFFICE TEMA, GHANA.TEL:-+233-303951016/+233-244-3112082 EMAI:-B5PLUS@HOTMAIL.COM . on 16th January 2015 and on 22nd April 2015 at around 8.15pm India time his wife got a call from Mr. Dinesh Talreja that he was no more and when I his sister took the call he said yes this news is confirm that he is no more, they I instited that I want to talk to doctor than he changed his statement no doctor are still examining him but his condition is critical and disconnent the phone by saying I will call you again in some time.Than we tired to call him but he did not response to our call.

Than we immediately called B5 PLUS LTD Vadodara office @ 8.20pm of 22nd April to Mr.Ashok Jagwani, he said he dont know anything about this but will check and call us, but again we did not got any information till 8.45pm of 22nd April 2015 and finally when we called him again he said this is confirm news and when he asked how this is happened he told be aware to whom you are talking too and he disconnected the phone without giving any information. Then we again called Mr.Dinesh talreja around 9.00pm of 22nd April he said it is confirmed by doctor that Vinod is no more. Than again we requested him let us speak to doctor by he disconnected the phone.

On 23rd april 2015 one of B5 PLUS DIRECTOR MR.MUKESH THAKWANI, called me and asked whether we should Vinod body to India we said yes and the arrangments where made the company, and when we started inquiry with hime for the cause he said he had some chest pain a week ago and our Doctor Ms.Asha has given him some medicine and due to massive heart attack he died suddenly. Than again we ask him why you have not informed us about his condition and why the further tests not carried on he did not reply and said even we are shock and on 26th april 2015 they send Vinod by cargo. On his arrival we got papers in which only letter for cancellation of passort was there and not the original passport was sent also there was no cancellation stamp on zerox copy of passport, than agin I called Mukesh Thakwani, he said letter is enough for clearance but because of this it took almost 7 hours to clear him from airport.

From 24th to 26th we tired to speak to his friends and collegaues they all have different stories of Vinod demise which created doubt in our mind. Then we further inquire with th hospital KORLE BU TEACHING HOSPITAL address – P O BOX 77, KORLE BU ACCRA-GHANA TEL:+233-302674066/ +233-243407809 EMAIL ID –, his place of death, the hospital people said that he was not brought for treatment in this hospital even documents and doctor who attendent him is not from their hospital and this is scam certificate.
This above information created clear doubth that something is wrong in our mind. Then again we tried to contact B5 PLUS LTD but non of the person attended our calls.And one fine day they have sent all his luggage but the Mobile which Vinod used for calling was missing and when we inquired they said it might me lost some where. But we asked then how you got our numbers and they kept silent on this.

I tired to contact Mumbai Ghana embassy & Accra Ghana embassy but there was no support and inspite B5 PLUS LTD has blamed my brother for all this which is not acceptable by us.

What was most upsetting was the lack of assistance I received from the Ghana Emabssy, I called looking for help or at least an explanation for the facts of demise but I havenot got any response till date.

I have forwarded mail to B5 PLUS LTD on 23rd May 2015 in which I have asked some questions and things related to my brother Vinod but havenot got any reply.

The document which are provided by the company are also contradicting each other.

I really look forward for your help and support in knowing facts about my brother.



brother sudden demise
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