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Hi Sir/Mam,

I want to report about harrasment done by BSES as they are demanding 38000 on account of old owner dues transfer. I am living at the same property from more than 5 years. I visited their office for thrice but given no positive results. The same amount was demanded from each floor in our building individually. I am married person with a child and alone as a earning member. It seems I am getting harrased as charges imposed are not legitimate. As if charges are legitimate why they were sleeping for years. They have given me 3 disconnected CA NO.s and there total is not even falling anywhere closer to the demanded amount. They asked for the property chain alongwith an application. I have followed what they asked but no conclusion. I think they have generated these false bills intentionally to settle these for the sake of their own benefit later on so is this not corruption.

I have already marked complaint at MLA office about this as they came to my house yesterday to disconnect my electricity meter which I cant afford either. BSES have told that I have been given one week to get this sorted or else they would be disconnecting our meter. I wish if u can help me in getting this sorted. I am putting this complaint for the 2nd time here as some updations were required and my CA no.103044357 was also missing in my previous complaint. PLEASE SAVE ME FROM CORRUPTION AND HARRASMENT.

You are free to contact me for any more details on this.

Thanks and Regards,

Inderpreet Singh
9599820118, 9899005319
CA NO.103044357

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