BSNL Landlines Dead since more than 2 weeks; No fix yet

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Need your urgent attention & action to BSNL issues in Jeypore; Dist: Koraput; Orissa.

BSNL Land lines dead since more than a week and continuous issues since more than a month. Seems no seriousness in resolving the issue. Whenever we call the BSNL guys, we hear “3-4 days or could be more than this, exact time cant be said”, isn’t it a irresponsible answer from BSNL ??? Top of that this 3-4 days now seems never ending.

This is not something rare case scenario where our BSNL guys not able to fix This is an ongoing issue in Jeypore where more than the fix, we get excuses.

It should not take weeks to fix the issue caused by cable lines cut in a small area Parabeda; Jeypore; Dist: Koraput; Orissa

Because of this BSNL issue, I lost around 50K as not able to work; going through lots of mental agony.

The issue can be imagined where a house is completely dependent on the land line and children out of station, how the parents will contact them ?

Sujata Panda

BSNL Landlines Dead since more than 2 weeks; No fix yet
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