C.M.R.I Not Releasing Patient

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My father was admitted in C.M.R.I hospital,Kolkata on 28/5/14 in an emergency depending on a mediclaim insurance.Later after 48hours of hospitalization the mediclaim was declined and we were asked to pay a bill of rs.65000.We paid rs.10000 and we have arranged for around rs.15000 more.We have failed from all our resources. T.hough the doctor has discharged him 3days back,the hospital is not releasing my father. We are extremely needy and have nowhere else to go. Please help us. Kindly donot ignore this.
Phone: 0869****747
Name : Sneha Mukherjee
Email : snehamukherjee0103@gmail.com

C.M.R.I Not Releasing Patient
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  1. Nikhil Kumar

    Calcutta Hospital
    My father got UTI some days ago and since there is no good hopsital in Dhanbad, we took him to Kolkata as his condition was very weak at that time and admitted him at Calcutta Hospital though some initial feeling was to admit him in Kothari Hopsital but seeing the reputation of Calcutta hospital we admitted him. Junior doctor treated him initially and advised to put him under Dr. B.R Kundu so we followed. On 6th he was admitted and alloted bed no. 478 and after few hrs a Junion Doctor named Pradeep sen came and sees his condition and noted lot of things on the paper. This gave us hope that the doctor is making notes for the senior doctor and will be good once B.R Kundu will come to see him but unfortunately Dr. B.R Kundu was so busy to even come to see a newly admitted patient who was admitted after his agreement only. Nevertheless we thought may be Junior would have spoken to him and he must have said to start some medication which was started by night and we thought Dr. will come to see my father second day but again to our surprise no one came to see him second day as well and only attendant and sister sometime came just to give him medicine. Again we thought may be Dr. will come in night but again no body came. We thought Dr. will certainly come on 3rd day morning but again Dr. was so busy he only came in the afternoon and after seeing him asked us that my father need to undergo operation laser surgery for prostate and since his condition was stable, it could be done next day. We tried to speak to Dr. just to know what has changed as my father has moderately enlarged prostate since last many years and no doctor from any of the hospitals some of them were Safdarganj, delhi; Medanta,Gurgaon and CMC, Vellore advised him for operation as his prostate was not big measuring only 47gm or less but to our surprise Dr. got angry and even called this question as stupid question then we asked him to give us some time to think and after some thinking we decided that it will be better to go to Vellore for operation as my father earlier has Hernia operation there and we all knows the facility and have confidence as well and on top of everything it is still much cheaper than the estimated prices given by calcutta hospital was 1.85lacs. When we conveyed this to hospital staff suddenly everting got changed and their behaviour as well. All the ongoing treatment was stopped by them and we were asked to fill risk forms and all the other bullshits. We tried to explain them that we admitted my father to get the infection treatment not to undergoe any operation and since this infection was still not gone we asked them to give medicine but again to our surprise no body was willing to listen us and they were saying the same thing again and again that they cannot give or advise any treatment to patient now. I though to call Dr. again and again to my horror junior and senior both denied to come. For 3 days they charged me approx. 32000 and refused to give treatment to patient who was admitted only for UTI. I have never seen such harsh behaviour by any hospitals and Doctors and i must say Dr. B.R Kundu and Dr. Pradeep Sen has no heart. They should become human first before working as Doctor. Out whole money was waste for us as this hospital has refused to treat or advise further course of action for the very same problem for which we admitted our patient. My advise to all the fellow readers never go to this hospital and boycott this so called Urologist Dr. B.R Kundu so that he can feel the pain which we felt after 3 days.


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