Cancellation of my booking and refund

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Dear Sir
I have book on 5 May 2016 my package tour for two ( 2) person for Goa, including flight and hotel charge. My booking id is NP 2802454809389. I had paid entire package booing amount of Rs.18330.00. but when I get the confirm itinerary and checked the detail I found that which Flight I book it was not there. Immediate call customer care and asked them to change the flight, but she said it can not possible in package booking so I said cancel my booking, she reapply me I have to sent E mail to customer care department. I sent mail and get reapply that some one from company will contact me within 48 hours.
Till today no one call me, I have send them 6 main and everyday I call them I have not get satisfactory reapply form them.

Here with I request you please resolve my issue .
Thanking you
Bharat Lakkhani

Cancellation of my booking and refund
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