Case of Harassment and forcefully investing money of needy and helpless women

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Respected Sir,
Writing this letter after listening to the pain of a helpless and an uneducated lady who is a nominee of the account holder (already expired).
She has been cheated and harassed by Punjab National Bank’s manager posted at Panjaura Branch (Hoshiarpur-Punjab), India
Already sent email to Punjab National Bank but up till now no action has been taken against the guilty manager (Mr. Tarsem Singh)
Worst point is that on 26th April 2014 , I came to know that again and again manager is doing the same act of disclosing Nominee’s personal information to her close relatives who have nothing to do in her case. Manager is doing this just because I have sent an email to Punjab National Bank’s compliant board against his misdeed. Manager has been doing this act intentionally to create tussle between their family and on the other hand he may take his revenge.
Victim Or Nominee is the granddaughter of the account holder (Mr Kabul Singh). Account holder is expired and prior to his death he appointed his nominee as Mrs. Ranjit Kaur, since she was the only one taking care for him from the day one, till he was bedridden.
Panjaura Bank (Hoshiarpur-Punjab) manager (Mr. Tarsem Singh) has tried his best to take the revenge by disclosing her personal information such as Account balance to Mrs. Ranjit Kaur ( Granddaughter / Nominee)’s uncle or Chacha. Manager has sown this seed so that both Ranjit Kaur and their chacha fight in court for no reason. He is trying to scare an illiterate and poor lady.
On 28th April 2014 at 11.00 am, Mrs. Ranjit kaur and her husband went to Punjab national bank to withdraw the money from their account .Where she came to know that her nominee account is cancelled by the Punjab National Bank’s manager at Panjaura branch on his own wish. Mr. Tarsem Singh is the major reason for the dispute happened as on date.
I question you all, what is the purpose of appointing a nominee? For what reason it is specially designed? Does a bank has any right to withhold the money of nominee on their own wish? If it’s like that , then I do have accounts in many banks where in I am the nominee of my father’s investments. Should I withdraw the money and break the trust between me and my bank by imagining that bank has the power to create dispute at any time between me and my brother?
Last but not the least , another misconduct and forceful act done by Punjab National Bank’s peon with their respected customer Smt. Ranjit Kaur is that , Peon working in their branch itself, had tried his best physically to get her passbook in her hand to tear it or destroy it forever so that Smt. Ranjit kaur is left with no proof in their hand to appeal. Manager has already destroyed Mrs. Ranjit Kaur nomination paper from account holder’s file .
Shame on Punjab National bank and their brutal services. If they are behaving with a lady like her , what can I expect with others who are senior citizens or disable ????
Perhaps Manager is doing the same with many others who kept quite.
Bank’s passbook is a clear evidence stating Mrs. Ranjit Kaur is the only nominee.Attached below the complete information for the emails sent to Punjab National bank in previous days.
I am from New Delhi; I have not ever seen such manager in my lifetime. I am also a banker by profession and I know the guidelines of Indian banks and banks abroad. I did listen from the 3rd person that this manager has a good backup from some political Party in Punjab that’s why he cannot be questioned.
This is to intimate you, that Mrs. Ranjit kaur is a heart patient. Manager has done his best to torture her. If anything happens to Mrs. Ranjit kaur , Punjab National Bank’s management will be sole responsible for that.
Attached the letter sent by bank to the client and other details for your kind reference.
Kindly do the needful before she proceed ahead to fight her case in a legal way.
Expecting support from your side. I hope you will understand the urgency of this matter and will do the needful in this regard.

Thanking you

Charanjeet Singh(Well wisher) / Kulwant Singh (Relative ) / Father in law ( Mr. Gurdev Singh )
Mobile: +91 9855755453 (Please speak in hindi or punjabi only)

On Thursday, April 24, 2014 10:46 PM, Charanjeet Singh wrote:


MR. K.R. Kamath
Chairman and Managing Director
Punjab National Bank
New Delhi – India

Dear Sir,

As already discussed, the matter with you in my last email. Uptil now the concerned lady (Mrs. Ranjit Kaur ) has not received her money which was forcefully invested by the bank manager(Panjaura Branch,Hoshiarpur)
Bank manager has deliberately told his staff to leak Mrs. Ranjit Kaur’s information about her account balance to her relatives and to those who know her in her society just to take revenge of the complaint sent against the manager on 22nd April 2014 at 13:07
Punjab National Bank has broken the breach of code of conduct and privacy act to maintain the trust of their clients.
This is to question you pertaining to the malfunctioning happening in Punjab national bank.
Does the manager has no fear being a servant of P.N.B?
Requesting you to kindly suspend the Manager of Punjab national bank’s (Panjaura Branch, Hoshiarpur) without any notice.
Else I have to proceed legally against your guilty staff and the head of Punjab National Bank for not taking any action for doing misconduct with a poor and uneducated lady and disclosing her personal information to the 3rd party which is a criminal offence.
The same matter will be published on all consumer forums online. Let the clients of P.N.B come to know the poorest service of their bank.
Last but not the least; I will not hesitate to contact media to get the resolution of this case at the earliest.


Charanjeet Singh/Kulwant Singh on behalf of (Mrs. Ranjit Kaur)

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Charanjeet Singh
Date: Tue, Apr 22, 2014 at 12:37 AM
Subject: Case of Harassment and forcefully investing money of needy and helpless woman in to F.D. without her consent.


The Manager
Punjab National Bank
Panjaura Branch, Hoshiarpur
Pin: 144404, Punjab [INDIA]

Dear Sir,

My name is Charanjeet Singh friend of Mr. Kulwant Singh (Relative of PNB customer Mrs. Ranjit kaur).
Kulwant Singh (Eyewitness or brother in law)
Mr Kulwant Singh accompanies Mrs. Ranjit Kaur while her visit to the bank.
PNB Customer Name: Kabul Singh S/o Narayan Singh Village Alawal Pur P.O Sarhala Kalan
Mr. Kabul Singh is expired on 31st March 2014
Nominee name: Ranjit kaur (Grand Daughter in law)
Account No: 4715000100016410
I.F.S.C. Code: Pun0471500
Writing this complaint letter on behalf of Mrs. Ranjit Kaur, Nominee of Late Mr.Kabul Singh.
Since past week, Mrs. Ranjeet kaur has been coming to the bank to withdraw money from the above mentioned account number.Proven futile.
As per the P.N.B. staff, they have informed her that they have lost the Nomination paper, Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur need to come again until we find out the nominee paper.
Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur had already informed the bank that she has to get the admission of her son on urgent basis. But P.N.B officers are least bothered.
As per the information received from Mrs. Ranjit kaur, most of the staff in P.N.B. bank speaks rudely with her. Since she is not much educated and financially stressed.
As per the information, bank manager has forced Mrs. Ranjit kaur, and given her just Rs. 30,000 at the moment from her own account and rest has been deposited in to Fixed deposit .What is this going on in PNB bank? Why the manager has forcefully done the F.D of a helpless and uneducated client?
The bank manager also told Mrs. Ranjit kaur ,that just based on mercy, i have given you Rs. 30000/- He did told Mrs. Ranjit Kaur, at any cost i have to get your F.D done , that’s your (Mrs. Ranjeet Kaur’s) wish to withdraw the money after 10 days or after the maturity period !
I question head of the department, vigilance and inspection unit of P.N.B, is this really the policy of P.N.B or its his wish to mould the policies of P.N.B, as per his own convenience ???
Mrs. Ranjit Kaur did told, that staff in P.N.B. bank are very lazy while dealing with her and other clients too. If you like to confirm you can have an honest survey to check out the satisfaction rate of that branch.
As per the latest information received from Mrs. Ranjeet kaur speaking in Punjabi language , just writing her words as it is “Dhakkey naal meri f.d kiti hai manager ney , menu paisey di bohot lor hai”. Is he a bank manager or a hooligan???
1) Is this what is called K.Y.C. in Punjab National Bank?
2) Do you think bank manager has any right to force the nominee to invest her money in their Fixed deposits?
3) Why the nominee paper has been lost by the bank staff?
4) Why she is suffering just and just because of your malpractices?
5) Who will compensate for the loss she is bearing now just because of the nuisance created by Punjab national bank?
This is an absolute case of harassment with a helpless and poor lady.
Awaiting for your revert and strategy you have planned for your loopholes.
• Mrs. Ranjit Kaur do expects written apology letter from the head of P.N.B branch in Punjab.
Failing which she has to proceed ahead legally.

CC: Mr. Kulwant Singh Ji


Charanjeet Singh / Kulwant Singh (On behalf of Mrs. Ranjit Kaur)

Case of Harassment and forcefully investing money of needy and helpless women
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