case sro43 in favour of farooq ahmad rather

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Prime Minister
Govt Of India


We, the job aspirants’ under SRO-43, want to state to your goodself that a my case of SRO -43 in Agro Industries Development Corporation are lying unsettled since about a decade now. Despite our repeated requests and representations to various concerned authorities, the cases are still pending in the department for their base less argument claiming the non availability of funds and the weak financial position of the corporation. Contrary to their justifications, the corporation has been continuously advertising for the new recruitment and has been making the appointments as well. We, being the ultimate sufferers, want your intervention into the matter so that our cases are settled and we are given proper justice. I have already high court orders. But department are not implement these orders.
We are hopeful and trust your able administration to resolve our issues at an earliest. i have no source of income. recently flood my house is also collopsed.

We shall be highly obliged. Thanking you in anticipation.

Date: 17/06/2015 Your’s faithfully,

farooq ahmad rather
p no0 9596420674

case sro43 in favour of farooq ahmad rather
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