cash withdraw by bank from my a/c without my permission

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Dear Sir
I am the consumer of SBI at gaighata branch with my salary A/c 30580429921 but On 18th june 2015 the bank had withdraw Rs. 13000 from my account without my permission. After that i was communicate with branh maneger he checked my a/c and told me that your account was hold. Then he told me to contact sbi at chandpara branch from where i had took an educational loan .
Whenever i shuld contact with branch manager at chandpara he told me due to NPA of my loan a/c bank was dbt of said amount from my savings cum salary a/c .
But my complaint is is there any right to bank to deduct the amount from my salary a/c without my permission?
They didn’t make any information to myself through a later.
So it is a prestigious issue of myself .
The loan amount is Rs.168000 it is quite possible for myself to payment the said loan instantly .
Please loadge my complaint .
Thank you in anticipation.
Prokash Ghosh
Vill Amkola
P.o+p.s Gaighata
North 24 pgs
Mob. 8926493612

cash withdraw by bank from my a/c without my permission
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