Change my engine car and pay compensation amount for Rs200000

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I purchased car in the month of July and gave for first service in the authorized service center While servicing the car workshop technician had put water in the engine due to which there is sound I have not received my car more than a week.

Car details

Date of delivery 26072015
Car no MP66C3174

Reg date 17082015

There was an medical emergency in my family i need to visit Varanasi on same day but due to bad service and had put water in the engine. I need to book car from outside which cost me Rs20000 to travel to Varanasi.

I request to change complete engine for my car and also give me compensation amount of Rs 200000 which i incurred on car to travel and also mental tension i am suffering.

Please have a look in my case and support me

Alok 9425823893

Change my engine car and pay compensation amount for Rs200000
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One Response to “Change my engine car and pay compensation amount for Rs200000”


    Dear mr alok,
    For your complaint, which car you have purchased. If it is a petrol veh, if they put water/ water pressure with washing gun, nothing will happen to engine. Only engine sensors will effect and tends to misfiring, diagnostic trouble code(DTC)/ malfunctioning light will blink in cluster. The dealer will rectify and giving the veh to you. Because thge vehicle under warranty. Suspecting the problem nwith ECM. The concerned dealer will look after. There is a facility of Loaner car with thge dealer. Please utilise it. They will give the car, you have to fill petrol ir diesel into it. So dont worry. Dealer will take care of.


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