cheated after buying redmi note 3 device

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I just bought mi redmi note 3 32 GB gold from on 4/5/2016.Manufacture company mi selling this product saying 32 GB internal storage,but I found only 26.28 GB.So I think I m cheated .so please justify this complaint and solve my issue

cheated after buying redmi note 3 device
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  1. Aneesh Kumar Reddy Chirla

    Helo mr Ujwal jain
    my name is aneeshkumar reddy i am a btech cse student,sir the internal memory is 32gb but sthe operating system takes some memory so the device will show the remaining memory as internal memory you are not cheated i also bought the red mi note three on 10/05/2016 sale my internal memory is 25.89 so don’t worry


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