Cheated after buying Xiaomi Note 3

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This is to bring your kind attention that after shopping a value -able phone Xiaomi( Mi Note 3 ,32GB,Golden Colour) from your Esteem company . After 2 week phone suddenly get shut down(DIED)which is not at all acceptable , So I visited the near By service center(Customer Care) Kamla Nagar, Delhi. They submitted the phone by replying that phone was dead and it will take approx. 2 week for rectifying the problem. After their Reply I was really shocked that how its possible that a new phone was dead in few days of use. However I received it with a ray of hope that I will not encounter any further issue but soon after receiving it. New problem starts like- Network & Range Issue, Getting Heating and Hanging. After that I visited to Another Service center, Rohini , Sector-7,Delhi, for the new problems (,Getting Heating , Hanging and Network (Range) Issue. Service center Executive told me that your phone problem will be short out within 2 days. I Agreed and submitted my phone at their. After 2 days ,I received it Network problem got resolved but other problems remain same. After 1-2 days phone got DIED” again. Now I fed up with the phone and the service which was provided by the Service center. I already lodges a complaint in consumer complaints but my problem not resolve till date. I would like to Inform the Company and service center as well, that I am not their servant. As consumer of their product ,I paid a huge amount for the “GOOD PRODUCT AND BEST SERVICE” which i not received till Date. Now I decided not to visit again and again to the service center for the problems, I am not satisfied at all with the phone and the service. So Experience of new phone was “BAD” and service Center experience was really “PATHETIC”. Now I want Refund of all the money with compensation charges of my transportation and the leave taken from the office.

Please look into this matter and try to resolve as soon as possible.

Contact number:7503034390
If my number not in reach please contact me via E-mail.

Deepak Sharma

Cheated after buying Xiaomi Note 3
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