Cheated by JustDial

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I have a concern with justdial. I had upgraded my account on 25th Dec (alongwith the change in Bank account details). It

was promised to me by ‘Shubham’ (from Justdial), that the money will not be deducted from my previous Bank account. I had

confirmed this from him number of times. And then I agreed to pay even extra amount for this upgradation (Q011251215X4L).

But unfortunately, same thing happened on 15th Jan’16. Money has been deducted from both of my accounts. I didn’t expect

this from Just Dial company. I called Shubham no. of times, he didn’t pick my phone. I complained this to the company

(talked to Meena Khosla, Manpreet etc), but all in vein. This kind of irresponsible behaviour is not accepted and expected

from the company like JustDial. Please look into this.

Radhika Bansal

Cheated by JustDial
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