Cheating By Celkon Service Centre

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I purchased a mobile Celkon A119 from on 17th Aug 2013. This year i am facing some problem in mobile in the month of july. On 1st Aug I contacted to your lucknow service centre (AKS Care, Kanpur Road, Lucknow) and he advised me to submit this mobile. I submitted my mobile on 1st aug. After so many calls I got my mobile on 20th Aug 2014 but there is new problem in the mobile (Heating Problem). I immediately contacted to service centre and he reply me to use it at least 2 days and if problem occurs than contact him. I again submitted my mobile on 22nd Aug 2014 at above service centre.

On 6th Sep 2014 he give me another mobile (Old Mobile) in place of my mobile when I refused to take another he will give me head office number 9052345678.

Today I contacted on above number and the concern person said to me “Contact to Service Centre”

Cheating By Celkon Service Centre
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