cheating, fraud & harassment by healthcare company M/s CromDx solutions

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Sir, myself including many employees have been cheated, harassed by a molecular diagnostics company CromDx solutions Pvt ltd, Noida, U.P. The company directors have hired many people but did not pay us salaries for months. Finally most of the employees resigned from their posts.
I have written them multiple mails and messages but they don’t reply nor acknowledge them. They don’t even pick our calls.
They issued cheques to vendors and employees which gets dishonored majority of time. Some of the vendors filed case against the CromDx Directors under section Negotiable instruments act 1881 for bounced cheque. They have been summoned to appear in the court but they have been absent from the hearings so far.
They have issued a cheque of Rs. 75000 to me on 8th Dec 2015 that got dishonoured.
CromDx solutions is not just cheating employees, vendors, investors, customers but Income tax dept too.
CromDx solutions management has given wrong information to Income Tax department and the investors that they have paid me salary of Rs. 120000 (one lakh twenty thousand) per month hence have deposited TDS of Rs. 12000 per month from Dec 2014-March 2015. Sir, they have not paid me even a single rupee during that duration.

I have filed a complaint against the company CromDx solutions in Superintendent of Police city office (sector-6), Sector-20 police station, Noida, UP. for cheating, fraud and harassing the employees. But Noida police has not taken any action in this case.

Please find enclosed the list of documents which are evidence against CromDx solutions Pvt Ltd. are;
I have enough evidence to prove that CromDx solutions Pvt Ltd management is full of fraud and cheaters:
1)Stamp paper dated 14th August 2015 signed by CEO (Sanjay Bhardwaj), which says the amount of money CromDx owe me as pending salaries and payment plan for the same.
2)Dishonored cheque of Rs. 75000/- bank memo (cheque dishonored due to insufficient funds in the account) and Copy of legal notices sent to them.
3)Case filed against CromDx solutions pvt ltd in Saket Court, New Delhi against bounced cheque by eBiotech inc, Delhi (Case number- Cc 2331/15, eBiotech Inc Vs CromDx solutions Pvt Ltd, Noida).
4)Form 26 AS showing TDS deposited and false claims that salary was paid to me-strong evidence of cheating fraud.
5)Bank statement to prove that myself, other employees was not paid salaries.
6)Relieving, experience letter not given to us even after multiple requests through mails and Messages in past 6 months.
7)Complaint lodged with Deputy Labor commissioner, Noida, U.P. in Nov 2015. Have also lodged electronic complaints few times to Ministry of corporate affairs senior officials, company law board, RoC Hyderabad and national human rights commission, but no response from them so far.
8)I have filled written complaint against the company to SP, CO city-1st Sector-6, Noida, SHO Sector-20 Noida police station on 18th Feb, 26th Feb 2016, respectively. Have also mailed my complaints to DIG (UP), SSP and SP Noida few times in past 3 weeks but till date there has been no response.
9)Wrong reporting of test results. DNA report for samples is analyzed, verified and approved by an unqualified and inexperienced person in this field. Being in the field of molecular diagnostics it is the responsibility of the Sr.Management to send authentic report to patients and doctors.
The company CromDx solutions pvt ltd is registered in Hyderabad but its only operational office is in C-6, C block, sector-7, Noida, UP-201301.
Directors of company are-
1) SANJAY BHARDWAJ (DIN -06430721)-Phone No. 9818553606
2) GOVIND RAO ADIREDDI (DIN-06430722)-Phone No. 9818774787

I am writing to you with lot of hope. It is my humble request to please help us in getting justice and fight against such fraud companies and management and save career of many innocent employees. Sir as you know civil matters get dragged in court for years and justice delayed is justice denied.

cheating, fraud & harassment by healthcare company M/s CromDx solutions
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