Checated by Anju placement agency at Bikaji cama place

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We are cheated by Anju placement agency. They took 30,000 cash from us in the month of May and maid salary was 6000 rs. After a month( on june 9th), maid took a one day leave and she never returned back. Then agency people said that maid has some issues with her husband so she wont do work..
After that they are not giving us money back and not even replacement. They are not picking our phone… Name of some of the fraud sitting there are Sahil, Ashok, Rajesh.
Maid called us few days after she ran and told us about their strategy how they cheat people. Now you are thinking why maid called us after ran away because we kept her like our daughter, so she was feeling bad about us.
This is what she told us : When you call Anju placement agency for the maid they will give you reference of someone( phone number) and tell you to call them to get confirmation about their bullshit honesty in providing maid. The reference is actually like someone like us who got maid from them 1 or 2 months back only. Then they get our confidence and paid by us. They take only cash no cheque ( another part of their fraud strategy) They already told maid to run away after 1 or 2 month, so that they can place her in another house on higher salary and get paid again. And first party keep running to their office for the refund or replacement. Atlast first party dnt get anything and then they repeat same cycle with others and so on. Thay are running big rackets. And earning in lakhs daily. Police should take action against them This agency is running since 2003 and still growing as no one is taking action against them.

Checated by Anju placement agency at Bikaji cama place
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