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I am an international passenger flying from London Heathrow to Mumbai. I was booked on the 13:15 hours flight on 09th April 2016. Name: Sachin Dalvi , e-Ticket no.:0982209945696 , Flight No AI130 Frequent Traveller no: 141559296 .

I reached Heathrow airport at 08:30 hours on 9th April 2016. However the flight was delayed and I kept waiting at the airport impatiently without any information about the fight. There was no communication from Air India staff either about the flight delay and how long I would have to wait. Finally at 17:00 hours I was informed that I will have to take an indirect flight to Mumbai which will stop over at Delhi. But nobody was confirming the details of the flights from Delhi to Mumbai. By this time I was too stressed out and did not want to take a chance of flying via Delhi with no clarity of the following flight to Mumbai. The Air India airport staff offered me to stay back in London for the day and take the direct flight to Mumbai the next day, which I accepted as there was no other option. Due to this delay I had to incur the following expenses which I paid from my own pocket.
1. Lunch and snacks – £50
2. Airport transfer to the hotel – £20

Also since my flight was delayed by a day I could not go to the office on Monday. I believe that I owe a compensation for the day missed at work and all the stress and pain I had to go through in this entire process of delayed flight – £100.

Total Expense bared : £170

Claim for delayed flight
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