Collecting donations in foreign countries for INDIANS

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Respected Sir,

I am Shashikiran living in Germany since couple of years. I am working as an engineer in one of the prestigious company.
I observed these days, many people (mostly germans/europeans) collecting money in public places to help poor people around the world. INDIA is also there in their poor country list.
Few days back, some people approached me to donate money to help poor people in the world. Then I just looked the list of countries and noticed my country also.
Then i questioned them very seriously like,
1. Who told INDIA is poor country?
2. Who asked you to collect money to help people in INDIA?
I clearly explained them, INDIA is rich enough to take care of all INDIANS. INDIA is giving free education, free food, free hospital, free medicine, etc.
I requested him to remove INDIA from the poor country list.

I couldn’t digest these things.

Dear Sir, can Indian government give the statement or message to the world that nobody should collect money/ donations in the name of INDIAN people.

Looking forward to hear from you,

Shashikiran/ INDIAN

Collecting donations in foreign countries for INDIANS
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