compaint about low quality product supply from company

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dear sir/madam
I purchased a hero motor corp manufactured bike of passion XPRO in February 2015 whose registration no. provided by government is HR35K 9004.
my complaint is about low quality product use in bike I also complaint to company but there is no confirmation reply. I meet to hero concerned person on 19/05/2015.
my complaint about two parts used in bike
1) bike drive chain is loose very quickly , I also discussed with company concerned person who said that you should adjust on every 100~200KM . I also discuss with other experts service men about this all of them say if you do adjustment in every 100`200KM then chain definitely break at point.
so my request is that if chain break then bike may be slip, may be exhaust so there is chance to accident.

2) bike rear alloy have not alignment and air leakage from tiers while there is no puncher in tier so there is also chance of accident when on turning because of poor alignment.

these are my complaint so please do quickly before any miss-happening

compaint about low quality product supply from company
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