Complain Against Country Vacation

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Dear Sir,

I have bought club membership from Country vacation India on 24th April’2016, my membership number is CVA127#0167 as per the agreement. After I purcahesd the membership by paying Rs.205344/- for 30 years membership,I was signed the agreement copy while going through the agreement copy i noticed that there is a difference of what they said to me before and what they are willing to offer.
1) Point 1 Mr.Rahul Gupta Of country vacation told me that i don’t need to pay The AMC for Rs.8500 in the year where i will not be utilising the facility of the vacation but in the agreement it is clearly mentioned that i have to pay Rs.8500 per year irrespective of the usage of the facility.
2) Point 2 Mr. Rahul Gupta said that i will be getting 14 night vacation stay but in agreement it is stated as 6 nights 7 days.
3) Point 3 When i said i don’t have so much money to pay he said initially i have to pay Rs.5000 per month for 12 months and then after 6042 per month for the next twenty four months. But the whole amount have been deducted through my credit card.

Once i immediately receive the message from the HDFC bank i have asked them to stop the payment and as per them it has gone under the Consumer dispute form.

When a customer have not used any facility for a single day or not intimated within the seven days how come they say that they cannot cancel the membership.

I immediately informed to Mr.Rahul Gupta in whattsapp as well as through the SMS. Which i am having a document also.I have raised the issue within the 24 hrs of all things happening.

Below is the trial mail which i have communicated with them.

Even the numbers provided for the Customer Service(04067484444 and 04044331360) does not work and no body picks up the Phone which i have tried many times.

My only mistake was that i have given the card to Mr.Rahul Gupta for the payment before seeing the agreement. I do accept that but does that mean the companies like country vacation do cheat with such kind of tactics.

In a day or two i will lodge the FIR against Mr. Rahul Gupta with the local police station. I came to know that they keep taking mobile number of the propective customer and will call you afterwards that you are the lucky winner and have been selected for the free gifts. Every Sunday they are running such fraud campaign

I would request you to please lodge a complain and provide me the guideline to move ahead for the refund process.

they are now not accepting. .


Kinshuk Samaddar

Complain Against Country Vacation
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