complain regarding defective engine of my new Honda cb shine

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Dear Sir,

I have purchased a honda shine bike,bearing engine no JC36E73105810 on 22.12.2013 from MASCOT AUTOMOTIVE INDIA Pvt. Ltd, DELHI GT.ROAD ALIGARH 202001,
bearing registration no: N 0691947
Warranty registration card FSC NO: 1014945
Frame no: ME4JC36-JKD7674330
After 15000 KM my bike engine making ring type sound,and on riding I found that engine oil are coming out from silencer pipe and from engine. I made a complaint at the time of last service on 02/june/2015 and again I found the same problem. Thereafter I made complain on 03/june/2015 and they refuse to take my complaint and said this not our issue this is company issue go to company, they says after 15000 km bike creates this type of ring sound.
I found same defect and waited for a while and found the above mentioned defects. I again went to the automobile and they received my bike but refused to receive my written complain on 3.06.2015.
I have attached my RC and warranty card details.

Due to above conduct of your dealer, doubt casted in my mind that the said dealer have cheated me by selling a bike with defective engine knowingly and also making deficiency in service to me as a customer. Hense I request you to replace the defective engine bike which is with the above named dealer within a week,
Treat it most urgent..

Pankaj singh

complain regarding defective engine of my new Honda cb shine
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