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I have purchased POLO Highline 1.2 Flash Red – VOLKSWAGEN PETROL CAR Engine no – CJL02678 & Chasis no – MEXD15608FT089527 ON 16.04.2015 from your dealer M/S AMARNATH VECHILES PVT.LTD – RAIPUR. vide car registration no – CG 07 AV 9755.
During running of car , I have objerved following problems in our car and the same , we have informed to your dealer many times . We have also send my car to dealer showroom at RAIPUR two times to solve the problems. But we could not get any solution from your dealer .Concerned officers of your dealer has told me that you run your car , when it will breakdown you change all defective spares on cost basis.

Problems of car are as under.

(1) Front both tyre inside (LH&RH ) are rubbing inside towards engine in taper. Front out side tyre are ok.

(2) Petrol consumtion of car is 8km/lts in local & 10 km /lts for long drive . But as per literature it should be 16.47 km /lts.

(3) After running of 05 km , engine has hot . We cannot touch even coolent box & oil box . BODY top portion of engine are also hot.

(4) Steering pipe of bottom portion below engine is also bend. Due to this steering is not moving properly.

(5) Electronoc meter on dashboard is not displaying properly.

May please takeup this issue with concern officials as early as possible . Otherwise we have no way to take up this matter with legal authority.


Bhilai (C.G)

Mob no – 9229170106/ 9424117660..

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