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Subject; Requesting For introducing POST GRADUATION (PG) in BPMT Course with Internship & DR degree.
Respected Sir,
We the Students of( BPMT) BACHLOR OF PARAMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY(CARDIOLOGY) from all over maharashtra requesting you u to provide a PG course for us,sir as our course was started in 2010 and till now we don;t have internship & PG as other medical courses has.sir we had 12 specialized subjects cardiology,neurology,radiology,forensic medicine etc the specilized subject started from second year 1st year we had common syllabus. For all subjects.
Sir as we have done wid our UG,we are lacking in practical knowledge & we want to polish our theory as well practical knowledge,which is only possible through PG, As sir “3” years is very less time to study specialized subject like Cardiology.sir we want you to give us a special tag ,as a noninvasive DOCTORS rather than giving us technician,because still Bsc technician are given preference rather than BPMT. As, admission is done in government medical college,so people expect more from us ,sir please we are writing you this letter with great hope,as we know you support education and you want to take India medical education to great height,please give us PG & give us oppurtunity to contribute our efficiency in medical field.sir we have written letter to university ie(MUHS) several times but ther are saying this course is started by government , unless they don’t give orders we can’t help.& Government saying it will take time,sir no one is taking proper responsibility ,this way students years are also getting wasted .sir why this happened in INDIA only? If a student want to study there is no proper facility for him,this is the reason why we are lacking in many fields, as this course is after 12th a student don’t have much knowledge about choosing a proper carrier and so even we think we had commited a mistake by taking BPMT ,but sir after completing the course and engaging 3 years now we cant start with a new path .so we want to do something good in this field as well as course,sir even we want to study further like other faculty.
sir please introduce a PG for us & make us so efficient that we can work as a non invasive cardiologist work ie give us authority to sign & interpret ecg,stress test,echocardiography,performing angiography, prescribing basic drugs,sir this will decrease the cardiologist burden,as many mistakes are commited because of over burden,thus we can overcome these mistakes & certain medicolegal issues could be avoided.This way India will set a new mark in medical field to other country.And many students will come in BPMT and even BPMT will grow like other faculty. sir even though being in 21st century still today our villages in remote area are lacking in medical facility ,many childerns are malnourished,many farmers are dying due to lack of first aid facility.why cant bpmt students after giving post graduation & DR degree posted over there and work as a medical officer as basic doctors.
sir hope you will give us a positive response our future is in your you had solved many issues of students.
thanking you.

Complaining About BPMT Course
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