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subject- Assaulted by my coach.

Respected sir,
I Navneet singh had been practicing in MEERUT DISTRICT RIFLE ASSOCIATION. I am a victim of a very critical case which is related my coach by profession under guidance of my coach MR. Vedpal singh.
initially he demanded an amount of Rs.50, 000. as per regarding my kit including daily practices, but 3-4 months later, he refused and said that you have to pay more money and around 1, 15 Lakh. He also said that you may leave, if you cant afford it , withthis statement. ” this is gamr of rich people”. the people like you cannot survive here” he treated me like an enemy until , I had not submitted my fee . He had done physical and mental harassment with me.
How so ever I submitted Rs 80, 000. After that he concentrated on me for few days then he again demanded more money. whenever I called up to him he always Ignored me by saying that he is going some where after listening the same reply again and again. One day I reached my shooting coaching centre without any calling. He was present there training their students and misbehave me he insulted me in front of everyone pushed me in a very bad manner by Grabing my collar and warned me that he will spoil my future.
sir I want you to take some strict actions against him and help me get my money back. so that I can proceed my profession to secure my career.

thanking you
Navneet singh

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