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my name is nikhil kakkar, i am from amritsar.i am an owner of INTEX AQUA 4.5 pro mobile phone. i purchased this phone on 08 september 2015 from dealer. after 2 months i was having problem of hang and automatic switched off and on.. then i went to service centre. they kept my phone for 7 days after receving back hang problem was solved, but automatic on and off problem remain same as it is. after 10 days i gave my hand set again to service centre and they kept it for 6 days, but problem was same again.
now after 10 days again i gave set regarding same problem , i gave set on 05 april 2016 and they gave me back after one day on 07 april 2016. but after that the problem increased instead of solved.
i am in a private job so its very difficult for me to go again and again to service centre . please help me in this regard or change my hand set as it is in gurantee. i can provide its bill also.

details of mobile as below.”

M_IMEI NO.911423158944977

S_IMEI NO.911423158944985

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