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Dear Sir,
I had placed an order an YU YuphoriaYU5010 (Black+Silver,16GB)
with the following details:
Order no:17117904745938712
Bill Amount:Rs.7499.
It was delivered to me on 26/04/2016.
There are a lot of problems I am facing with this handset.
The problems are as follows :
1. While placing the order it was stated that cyanogen operating software version 12 is present in the mobile phone,whereas when I received the phone no such operating system was there.
2. Secondly the phone isn’t accepting my sim card (in both slots) if there would be sim card problem the network will fluctuate but here neither the network is coming nor the phone is reading the card I mean to say that the phone is not reading the contacts of sim card.
3. Thirdly, if I connect my phone with Wifi to login playstore , neither playstore nor chrome etc. are working .
4. In the notification drawer where we activate our data connection is also not working.

Sir ,I booked the phone in your site because you have a good reputation in the online market people trusts
With this trust I placed my order but this type of service wasn’t expected by me.
so please help me to replace my phone and give me the original phone with all the features. Otherwise I will be forced to take legal recourse available to me.
Give me the further proceeding steps to return my phone!

complaint about an order on Amazon
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