complaint about local shopkeeper mishbehaviour

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It is to inform you that a shopkeeper name Raju mistreated me just for no cause, I went to him on 16-02-2016 just to take D.M.S milk packet & as I tried to find a right packet with clear date mentioned on it, the shopkeeper started using provocative word with me by saying that this will make his milk packet damaged in this manner. I tried to persuade him but he didn’t understand that. Sir,here I want to tell about you about two earlier incident with him when he spoke so bluntly to me that I couldn’t stop me to go to another shop. He is very rude at times. So I hereby requesting you to take strict & appropriate actions against him so that he will not dare to do any such provocative acts in future, which may leads to mental torture to another person or buyer without any cause. I will be highly grateful to you for this kind of act.

complaint about local shopkeeper mishbehaviour
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