Complaint about Locker in Janta Shakari Bank, Pune

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Respected Sir,
I Mohanlal Nimbraj Jain wants your help for solving my complaint about locker in Janta Sahakari Bank (Talegaon Dabhade). My brother had a locker in bank & I am nominee of that locker. My brother is no more now. The bank had break open the locker without informing me. So that I requested to bank, main branch, RBI, RTI, Dept. Governor etc many times. But the bank was not giving me exact information of that locker. After lot of applications and complaints, they are giving me the reason that I have to pay 3200rs & all. The actual fact is that they are hiding all its content & it was already given to my relatives only & this is 100% true. As my relatives already paid that 3200rs & all content given to them only. Now, after I gave notice to bank they are saying that your locker was empty. So how do I believe. I am trying for this matter from last 2.5 years, but as the bank have some standard so no one is taking action against them. Therefore, this is my humble request to kindly look into this matter as early as possible.
yours faithfully,
Mr. Mohanlal Jain

Complaint about Locker in Janta Shakari Bank, Pune
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