Complaint about Yamaha Bike Service at Rajouri Garden service center-:Delhi Scooters

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I, Piyush Sethi of Karol Bagh , New Delhi, from has bought a Faizer(red and black) from DELHI SCOOTERS, Rajouri Garden around one and half year back. I have taken 6 free services and thereafter paid services from this showroom in the entire time period. I would like to convey that I’m completely dissatisfied with their way of bike servicing. Even in the free service they offered, none of the time my bike was serviced properly in one go. I always have to take a second round to get the faults correct in their servicing. I have already mailed in this regard to the Rajouri Garden center, but it was to no avail. They showed no improvement in servicing and they just responded saying that I have to visit the service center again and rectify my problems. Recently, I claimed an insurance for my bike as due to an accident its parts got damaged and needed proper servicing and change. They took one week time from me for this and to my surprise on the delivery date of the bike, I ensured from whether my bike is properly repaired or not so that I should come to take it, they said yes, but when I reached the center it took 6 hours for them to deliver the bike as it was not properly washed, the oiling and galvanizing of parts wasn’t proper and I insisted them to wash it properly and waited for 6 hours there to get it done.
On top of this, now my bike has encountered several issues which were not there before, moreover the situation has aggravated. When I complained to them , they told me to bring bike again next week. The issues include-: Break is tight and needs force to apply break, speedometer which was initially working has not got disabled, engine gets off in between and the bike battery problem which was told to the executives there is not resolved till now.
This is seriously disgusting, I’m a college student and I also do job, I don’t have spare time or free time that I should come every now and then for bike servicing and check for the issues. After 1 week also it seems its not serviced, actually the bike’s condition has worsened.
This is highly negligent on part of Yamaha Service center of Rajouri Garden and this has great inconvenience to me.
I demand strict action against the service executives there and I should be given a solution to this issue as soon as possible.
Thank You.

Complaint about Yamaha Bike Service at Rajouri Garden service center-:Delhi Scooters
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