complaint against brahma kumaris ashram

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respected sir,
brahma kumaris like asram started from 1936. they are biasing people by talking about god. they are telling supreme soul is siva not krishna. also they are silently income money from people by talking about god. they are not doing marriage but they are making attraction like sexual relation inside them among brothers and sisters. only they are telling we are brothers and sisters but actually their thought is not that. they are biasing our calture ,society, relation with father ,mother ,sister, brothers. they are spending their life like this and by that most of student are suffering by going to there. they are not doing any work only doing unnecessary things. most of are uneducated in this ashram and they are biasing students by talking about god shiva. by that people also can not decide actually who is god in modern society, whom to belive. they are also biasing people every time by talking lie. in every area by help of some politicians they are marketing about this ashram and also incomes money for their living standard. in future it will also effect to indian culture and society. so, please take proper decission or steps with proper knowledge against this like organisations. other wise next generations will suffer.
from, umesha kumar sabat
thanking u.

complaint against brahma kumaris ashram
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  1. Ashu

    Plz mere papa ko bk k jaal se nikalo nahi tho meri mom maar jayegiiii plz mje btao m kya kruuuu


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