complaint against crockery wala (vendor on amazon)

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I order a roti maker from amazon. I received a broken product and files a returns on the same day. The seller did not contact me and after a few days my complaint was closed under “duplicate request”. Whe i contacted them they said that the request was closed since i was not reacheable. Now they are refusing to arrage for a return of their product and not refunding my money

complaint against crockery wala (vendor on amazon)
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  1. Crockery wala and company

    Our team called you 100 times !
    Your office boy your house keeper everyone replied the same we will tell the mam to contact you !
    We did our best to contact you !
    What else you want and moreover your money was refunded and you even didnt send the broken product back ??
    Where should we go for your complaint ?
    Never criticise other till the time you are right !
    Mrs. Rashida kindly send the product back .


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