Complaint against Kotak Mahindra Bank officers

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Dear Sir,

I am holding two accounts with your bank in Vlie Parle East branch. I applied for a office loan about 6 months ago. It was a mess. Your staff and seniors were unconcerned, no coordination among the inter/intra department. I was made to wait for 3 hours at your Kalina office loan department for three hours there was no one to answer. In nut shell, i would say i was treated very badly.

I have sent several email either to Ms. Anjali Sharma, Mr. Rao, Mr. Girish Parmar, Mr. Pandey no answer to recent email. It speaks volume about your employee even seniors have demonstrated similar behavior.

Your staff Mr. Manish had collected a cheque from me for Rs INR 347,730 towards loan amount. However, my loan amount was initially debited from my account from Syndicate bank. I had requested them to do auto debit from my Kotak bank account. It took them a long time as no one at your office was aware who is supposed to do paper work. Finally, i signed the paper, i was promised that i will be given a copy for my record, despite my several reminders and phone calls i have not received copy for my record. Since my loan amount is debited now from Kotak bank account i requested them to return my cheque, i have sent email they have not yet returned my cheque.

Just to let you know when a customer went to builder from whom i purchased office, this customer wanted to take loan from Kotak bank. The builder categorically told the customer if you will take loan from Kotak bank i will not give you office. This customer did not take loan from your bank. This is reputation of your bank. I did mention the same to your staff but they were all quite.

About two days back i got a call from your Goregaon office to remind me that my loan amount will be due on 10th of this month. I requested the lady who was on the line that i wish to speak with HR head as i am unhappy with services and would like to register complaint she told me you dial toll free number. It was shocking. I then asked for her senior, she was kind enoughto connect me to Ms Priti. I also narrated the above. She did not reveal her designation nor she was ready to connect me to HR. She told me that i will put my complaint forward.

Trust me i am so much fad up. Today, all banks operate in buyers market and in hyper-competitive market. I am sure with such attitude you will lose customers. One dissatisfied customer speaks with 50 people one one satisfied customer does nots peak with anyone. We have more than 10 accounts in your bank if we do not get satisfactory answer or any action taken against these officers we will be compelled to take suitable action.


Complaint against Kotak Mahindra Bank officers
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