Complaint against Mental Torchur and Forcefull Dirty Behaviour of Landlord

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I shifted in a new house in Gurgaon last month on 11, paying rent through a brocker. I am new to gurgaon an independent working girl and was not aware of the city. This house has many illegal things going on for which it was seized earlier as well when some neibour filed a complaint. Son of the owner is an accused of a hit and run case already. They have enough money to buy law. I have seen them doing it. Two boys staying in my front room Subrat and Sauvik has been approaching me in very dirty ways, knocking my door in midnight Then when guy did bathroom in front of my room. I went to ownere who is very senior and a retired army curnol who said if you have a problem vacate the house. I dont know anyone in gurgaon and I myself dont want to stay in this house but I have a pet to vacate the house I would need time, I went to police station secto 17 where police took it very casually and said if someone did bathroom in front of ur room coz of they paid rent and I got shocked and they sent me back. I reached to a NGO uthan as well not sure if they took an action. This owner rent out the house for a day or two to couples as well. Prostitution is going on here. Owners maid ram kripal came to me saying i will see u how would u stay here safe. I am very scared. I am not from this place. Police is very casual and non responsible. I am planning to go back to Pune in a month but not sure if till that time these guys would do something very tragic. Please help so that till the time i dont get a new place or i dont serve on the notice in my current company i can stay here safe without any horrible accident. If I go and fight with this owner they threat me on the basis of their money saying we have handled many cases. Need help before something very tragic happens. You can take the feedback by neibours. My rent is still paid here till 11 they are not paying it back not letting me stay disconnecting water , breaking down my internet connection and threaten me on their contcts. The guy who did bathroom in front of my room in midnight everytime his roommate sauvik come and say u do whatever u want to we will see u i m feeling very helpless police behaviour is so tragic irresponsible writing u this email in a hope that i and my pet will leave safe from here in some time once i get my salary. This owner know the nearest thana people very well and i dont know anyone here.

Complaint against Mental Torchur and Forcefull Dirty Behaviour of Landlord
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