Complaint against non availability of internet connection & pathetic services

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I have taken broadband internet connection plan for 3yrs validity from Youtelecom company in Baroda, Gujarat. Plan valid for 40GB or 3yrs which ever ends first. Post taking the plan I hardly able to use Internet services due to most of the time unavailable of internet/modem issues. End numbers of time I have registered complaints at their call center but the response is very poor and dont even find a permenant solution. Since >month time internet connection is not working, while escalating the problem with company’s appellate authority, the designated person is also showing less intrest to resolve customer pain and complaint. Rather his attitude brings me to complaint here because he insisted to do so. I even called him multiple times and wrote 2-3mails but never responded on it. I urge you to kindly intervene in this regards and help me to get refund of amount which i paid for the plan with interest and mental harassment. Company’s like this which are juat ignore the customer complaints should penalize on very higher side so that they come to know that to cheat with Indian citizen is not so easy. They found that people in india are foolish and let them loot by anything because the law and order in india is also ridiculous to take decision upfront and in favor of customer. If this company cheat outside india they would no what happens with them. And that is the reason they want to invest huge amount in india and recover crores of ruppe by making Indian public fool.
Anticipate your promote and resolution response at the earliest

Complaint against non availability of internet connection & pathetic services
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