Complaint against performance of new mobile Redmi Note 4G white

Complaint Date:

I am Chaitanya and working in the marketing department in Delhi NCR. Therefore, having mobile is important for me.

I have purchased Redmi Note 4G white on June 02, 2015 from Airtel stores in Ghaziabad Shipra mall. I was very happy after purchasing the mobile as I heard good reviews about it in the market. After 2 days of purchase I noticed that the mobile gets automatically restart, total battery gets drained in 6 hours and the back side of the mobile gets heated a lot some times. Thereafter I had called airtel mobile stores from where I have purchased and told them about the problem. They had informed me that there is a mobile replacement policy in airtel and they had replaced my mobile on June 07, 2015.

I was happy that at least my mobile has been replaced. To my surprise the very next day of replacement the same problem persisted and when contacted airtel stores they told me to update my mobile. I with some confidence and with the hope that my mobile problems will be sorted out decided to update my mobile. However, even after updating the same, I noticed that the same problem continued.

On June 12, 2015 I once again visited the airtel stores in Shipra mall of Ghaziabad and informed them the same. They once again replaced with a new set. I was doubtful about the new set but with a ray of positive hope I had began using my new mobile and updated the same. The disaster struck again and after 1 day all the same problems continued. I was tired and disappointed after looking at the pathetic performance of the new mobile.

I had called on the customer care number on June 19, 2015. They had made me erase the cache memory and I was told that there will not be any more such problems. Within minutes after the call was completed my mobile started having the same problem.

Today I once again called on the customer care and informed them the same. They told me that I should visit the customer care center to get my problem solved. I bluntly refused.

You will not believe that during this period I had continued using the same mobile and there were some instances which lead to my job loss because of the above cited problems.

My request is to please help me in getting this problem solved.

M: 9958682869

Complaint against performance of new mobile Redmi Note 4G white
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