complaint against the police

Complaint Date:

Respected PM SIR,

Yesterday(4-8-2015) we went to the local police station akola(khadan,akola) for seeking a help from where we were forwarded to the SP office, so we went there, there we were asked to write our need in an application , so we did the same, his subordinates there (don’t know name and post but were in khaki wardi) read the same, on asking whether,” can we get help from the SP SIR”? he ( subordinate)said yes SP will help you. we were asked to keep our phone out so we did the same. (all conversation in marathi)
then we entered the SP SIRS CABIN , the television in his room was on and then politely stated our need and gave the same application.( he was in his uniform-khaki wardi)
for no reasons known the SP started abusing us (two) a girl-21yrs and a lady (me) 55yrs there, first he said in a loud tone and denied helping, he then scolded us and threatened us and said i will sue you for wrong charges, then he specifically used the term “bloody”and abused in full aggression and anger we were actually very scared as he had many powers.
then he said “shutup and get out ” three times. we were shocked to see his this type of attitude and behaviour ,then a female not in any uniform( wardi) entered , he ordered her( the staff of the office) to ” take her(55yrs old lady) out of the room and said her to slap (55 yrs old) twice and then he repeated again by saying that lady” this is my order to u slap her twice and throw her out of the room ” den he kept shouting for no reasons .( in marathi and english)
we left from there.
i don’t think a SP OFFICER can ever talk to common man the way he did..Ask for the “cctv” footage of the OFFICE cabin of MR. SP,Shri. Chandrakishore Mina (IPS) Supdt. Of Police for confirmation of our complaint. date -4-8-2015 time 1.23 pm (afternoon)

i want justice
i don’t have any recording or evidence,also that everything happened in front of the other officers there but they were quite and shocked as well, there are less chances that they will help us in anyway as he is their senior.
but i need justice, people like him on such post which is so important are not expected to talk to us in this way and abuse us and give order of slapping and he was voilent , just because we were common middle class people.
i do think such things would have been repeatedly happening in the office but no one dares to complain.
pls dont dissapoint me by not taking any action , i am expecting an appropriate action from your side .
i cannot complain to the police department there, as he is the SP head of all police departments in akola and we are expecting justice from you sir.
this situation could have gone to worse level and someother can also get victimized by same type of behavior and can go worse and next time ,who will be responsible for the same act ?hence i am informing you about this being a responsible citizen of India and Maharashtra.

with hope of consideration and appropriate action.
in your anticipation i remain.
thanking you.
yours responsible resident of Maharashtra.

complaint against the police
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