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I have an unresolved complaint with your Product,

I purchased Xolo A500S Color Block IMIE no. 911328850041511; 911328850091516 in Chennai for my brother Mr. Vasudevan V
which has a sound defect, each time I used to give the phone for service in the Xolo customer care they take months to service and deliver and the problem persist, Finally I gave the phone for service the fourth time on 23/09/2014 they took months and asked me to collect a new phone instead of the defect and when I reached customer care they are providing a Xolo Club model which I am not satisfied and it’s a used phone, I requested either to provide Xolo Q510s or the check for Rupees 6300 the cost I paid for Xolo A500s, so thatI will pay extra amount and get a new Xolo mobile of my choice .

But the customer service people took too long time and they didn’t did any favor forcing only to get the Club model which is not a new peace at all and I don’t like it, more over they closed this case and opened a new one without my knowledge specified customer got Club model replacing Xolo A500s and giving that service for a problem, which I am totally unhappy and unacceptable, I didn’t get any replacement , I am unhappy with the way your people work and they treat, me, I want a justice or I might took this to a legal case in court.
Thanking You,

Raja. V

Complaint against the Xolo Company
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