Complaint against TSR # DL1RQ 2123

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Dear Sir,

I am a foreigner and a senior citizen. I have been gratly harrassed by the scooter riksha driver whose scooter riksha number is DL1RQ2123. I tried to rent this TSR from New Delhi railway Station today, February 27 at 11:15 am, to go to Plaza Threatre with my wife. He insisted on charging me Rs 100/. When I requested hin to go by the meter he refused. When I threatened that I would report him to the police, even then good sense did not seem to prevail upon him. Finally with bad grace he turned the meter on. The fare came to Rs. 25/- He wanted to charge me four times the amount. Such men are a menace to society. They bring a bad name to India, particularly when they harrass foreigners.

I would like to know what action has been taken against this TSR driver.

With regards

Yours sincerely

Sudhir Kaicker

Complaint against TSR # DL1RQ 2123
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