Complaint agianst HDFC Credit Crad/Bank and Anurag Agarwal

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I have been harassed by HDFC bank with false charges on my card. The matter is under dispute for past 3 months.
Despite that they have sent a letter saying they will confiscate money from my account which happens to be in HDFC! taking advantage and further harrasng.
Mr. Anurag’s name is written in the letter to be called. His office is non-responsive. He is on leave and the lady is not concerned.
how can you simple take away money in 7 days without resolving. sheer bad practice and threatening and exploitation.

Quite a harassment- A letter saying make payment in 7 days else we take it away from your HDFC account. the number given on letter is not picked up! This is regarding the dispute that is going on between my credit card account and payment required. This dispute is on since January. Issues-
1. Non receipt of statement on mail in Oct/Nov.
2. Followed up in Dec and paid.
3. Card blocked and unnecessary charges being levied.
4. I am following up with concern and explaining that I have made payments and even followed when did not receive statements!
5. Following since last year – mails/calls/.
6. have not used card since 3-4 months.
7. in a sub-judice matter with blocked card- how can you levy furthur charges
8. Received a message in feb- “thanks for making payment” (no answer to explaining why this happened as i did not make any payment then) – SHOWS CLEAR CUT DISCREPANCY.
9. Now have blocked money from my HDFC bank account!!! waaow what a service to soemone who has been your customer for past 9 years! and you upgraded my card and limits yourself!!
10. sent a letter home saying we have blocked money and will remit in 7 days and call on this number – 011 45501834. Mr. Arun.Aggarwal . and NO ONE PICKS THE PHONE .

brilliant service guys and game and harrasment. my actions -Consumer court and RBI. I am not going to let my money be unjustly taken away. Horrified by your behaviour and lies

Complaint agianst HDFC Credit Crad/Bank and Anurag Agarwal
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