Complaint for M/Cycle “Honda Stunner “ Engine no. JC40E85165834 Chassis No. ME4JC40CCF8145729

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With reference to above I regret to inform you that I am very sorry and most perturbed to buy your Honda Make Bike. I purchased a Bike “Honda Stunner Green Colour” on 22/06/15 from your reliable dealer M/s. J.K.M Makifin Private Ltd, Ghaziabad (U.P). I filled Petrol of Rs. 500/= on 22/06/15 and found petrol leakage on 23/06/15. After complaining verbally in Agency they told that there is “Kachara” in Corroborator. I was very surprised that only after 19 kms. Running bike got “Kachara”.
Five days from the purchase of Bike is not running properly, so again complaint lodged verbally in agency on 27/06/15 and agency people told there is “Kachara” in petrol tank and again delivered me after cleaning the Kachara from tank.
After 10 days on 2/07/15 again started leakage in Petrol and automatically racing in speed. You can imagine that I was facing a lot of problems, then again go to agency and complaint lodged the same problem. Please see the reference of Job Card no.7178 dtd.02/07/15.
As per the advice of your Agency /Dealer’s person after finishing the total petrol, I filled only one Liter Fresh Petrol in the presence of agency person which has verified on the job card no. 8472 dtd. 20/07/2015.
This petrol has finished after 24 kms. only. I again filled petrol of Rs. 100/= and vehicle has run only 27kms.
So, I am facing a lot of Problems in this bike as like petrol leakage, Automatic Engine racing and petrol average.
I again filled petrol of Rs. 30/= to reach up to Agency on 25/07/2015 and deposited the same M/Cycle against job Card no. 8853 dtd. 25/07/15. So, I am deeply sorry because of after spending Rs. 1600/= for petrol and got millage only 314 kms. ( All copy of Job Cards enclosed herewith for your reference please). So , I feel that this M/Cycle is defective piece which has delivered to me and I will be disturbed always in future.
So, It is therefore requested to kindly look in to the matter seriously and replace this M/Cycle by a “Fresh New Piece”.
(Ankur Srivastava)

Complaint for M/Cycle “Honda Stunner “ Engine no. JC40E85165834 Chassis No. ME4JC40CCF8145729
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