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Respected Sir / Madam,
I have a Gmail account with the E-mail-Id ( for some long time. This account or E-mail-Id is my own, and I made it from my own desktop. Whenever, I tried to open it with its 100% correct PW and without making any kind of mistake in opening it. I was finding it to be quite normal e.g. it was being opened without letting me face any kind of problem. But, I tried to open it from my same desktop on the past 11th & 12th of February 2016 at late night time; I couldn’t be able to open it at all. But, I had to face many kinds of big problems in trying to open it. I was providing one more alternate E-mail-Id of mine ( My direct contact Mobile # +919005339811, is already provided / saved in the account of mine in this E-mail-Id of mine. Rest of all the other information I am not still aware of e.g a) when I opened it, b) what products of Gmail.Com I was using with their names, & when I opened this full E-mail-Id of mine in the past……… I don’t remember even which particular E-mail-Id of mine I provided to this E-mail-Id at the time of opening it etc… But, I am still fully confident that I provided the above written direct contact E-mail-Id of mine at the time of opening this E-mail-Id for myself.
One more very big additional problem is that I don’t know the E-mail-Id of your “GMAIL SERVICE” to send any kind of complaint to you without remaining on the Internet connection to save some FREE DATA provided to me by the Internet service provider. Do please, inform me your direct contact E-mail-Id. Yes, one more additional request – I request you to please inform me also that how I can be able to use double locking Password so that no one can ever be able to harm this e-mail-Id of mine by any way?
Do please, reply me at the earliest.
Thanks with full best regards,
-Fazal Ahmed.

Complaint For My Gmail.Com E-mail-Id
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    dear sir

    my email id was iam not using last two years but iam having problem on my gmail account plleas help in this i tried several times in thes bt iam not able to login kindly cooperate..

    warm regards


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