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My City: Jamkhambhaliya
My Complaint Against: MNC HOME SHOP
MNC HOME SHOP’s Contact Details: 07206439127
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
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It is cheat company. First time it say me or your salary 10000 and no target, no sales, no group work. After I want join and it send 1 parsal my home by post. I want pay it 525rs..after in parsal one form feel up and 700rs pay on it did I want all process pass. After one parsal send me by it. I pay 250rs, so I totally pay 1475rs. After it say my work is group work. 1 person join 200rs income. So plz help me…..

Complaint MNC Home Shop
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16 Responses to “Complaint MNC Home Shop”

  1. pawan Kumar prajapat

    dear sir,
    I have deposited 650 rupee in your company ac but I have not found your training kit that I cam performance in your company .Sir I have apply in your company for SMS Job and 315 rupee given a postman by me.or 650 rupee deposit in your ac but I have not found your training kit.

  2. wamique mirza delhi cheat me in sms work they take 5000 money but thy did not send my parsal

    • Manager

      our company will not giving any parcel worth rs.5000. This is not true sir.
      But anyway if you have problem regarding to MNC Home Shop Plz contact our customer care .

    • Manager

      For joining plz Send your proper address and if you dont have the knowledge about work . you will also be able to contact our help line no.

  3. ankit yadav

    I have deposite total 945rs but i didn’t got training kit….
    Now 15 days passed…..
    After 20 day i will going to complain in police station….
    I have duplicate copy of deposit money recipt and speed post recipt… To complain against MNC

    • Manager

      Your Kit will dispatched by our company it will shortly delivered.

  4. Manager

    for every quiry, any information , any mistake by company. you can contact to our customer care services . they were help you for solving any type of your problem

    • Hemant Kumar sinha

      Dear Sir
      I have deposit 1500 rupees in your company account but I have not found your training kit that I can performance in your company. Sir I have apply in your company for SMS job and 750rupee given a postman by me. Or 750rupee money order in your account but I haven’t Found your training kit.

      I attached Order no anreceipt .
      Order no- 35727 MID-B88362 Dated-13-09-2016

  5. naveen

    Dear sir
    I am not join the mnc home shop so I resend the training kit & other documents to you .so pls give me amount/Rupees send to me via moner order or other format.

  6. naveen

    pls help me ,I resign the mnc home shop and send back money via money order or bank transfer to me on my account number.pls help me 09992650571


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