COMPLAINT (NO Easy Ship Facility for Returns at Amazon India)

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COMPLAINT (NO Easy Ship Facility for Returns at Amazon India)

Although all On-Line Shoppers declare Free & Full Refund against Returns on Eligible Items bought from them,
But Practically they raise every type of hurdles to block even feasible returns.
And Amazon India is no exception.
In mine case, out of Ten Items bought during last fifteen days, I chose to return three items because of style & size defects.
My observations are:-
1. The first was picked up within hours of my request and full refund remitted in next 24 hours.

2. But for other two separate items, I was intimated that the concerned sellors are not under “Amazon Easy Ship Facility” and hence cannot pick up the goods from me nor shall they incur any return shipping charges.

3. How can the On-Line shoppers refuse to “Pick-Up’ returns ?, or how can they play different tactics to discourage returns ?

4. It is cheating; It is illegal: because in all their ads whether in Print Media, TV Media or Internet Media – they repeatedly promise for smooth, inexpensive and quite easy returns on permissible items.

5. If sellors are free to : “Not take the Expenses on account of Returns”, then these have to be the On-Line Stores / Shoppers to bear any such expenses / losses arising from the shipment charges + accidental damages during transit of Returned Goods.

6. After all they are the party doing business; they are the owners & main beneficiary of these on-line shopping undertakings.

7. Also, we buyers only recognise the On-Line Shoppers; It is them from whom we are making purchases; It is them whom we are placing orders; It is only they whose terms & conditions we are trying to understand; It is they whose services, dealings, promises and / or honesty we consistently assess and believe to decide for our future course (buying).

8. Any agreements of the On-line Shoppers with their sellors is their discretion or policy matter and we buyers can be victims but certainly not the dictators.

9. No information / condition is given with the “Sale Items” which are on display at shopper’s site and we buyers simply cannot know whether the chosen item is easily returnable or not.

10. This is going to be major problem in coming days for the online buyers

11. And it is bound to result in as sharp a decline (in volume of “ON-LINE SHOPPING”) as strong a boom it received in Urban India during last 2-3 years.

12. ON-LINE Shoppers should take strong measures immediately or face . . . r u n n i n g . . . . a w a y
B u y e r s . . . .
Mobile: 9070436426

COMPLAINT (NO Easy Ship Facility for Returns at Amazon India)
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