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Dear Team
I am Farhan Kohli from J&K. I have VW vento TDI (diesel) reg no- JK02BH 6845 (2013 model).

From last 28 days my car was standing in your work shop in jammu, they guys are not able to start my car . i am really very disappointed with your services , this is second chance , their was not even one good mechanic in that place ,who will look over my problem , the manager said no one is responding for your problem , first he told me some part is not available , i wait for 20 days but still my car was not in running condition , then he told me wait for one week , i wait but again my problem was not resolve.

i am really fed-up with your product, i waist my money on such third class material . from last one month i don’t have any vehicle . my business is suffering due to this apathetic services .

Manager said Gurgaon branch is not responding to our complaint , so i cant do any thing for u and for your car.

I cant express i pain and frustration to you, i told in Jammu branch if u guys are not able to resolve my problem then please send my car in jalandhar service center.even they don’t agree with this. because i know they guys don’t have good services and staff in jammu i told them give me some demo car but they dont give me the same.

they guys mentally harass me. I request you please resolve my problem ASAP

Farhan Kholi

complaint of my car
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