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I’d purchased one 40 inch television from Micromax through Amazone in in May 23rd 2015. After 10 days television started to show some complaints and last 10 days it is not working at all. I’d gone through different service center in Kochi, hence none of them a were servicing TVs, they are only for mobile repair. Then got therie regional office address in kochi and visited as per the address available in from company web site and came to know that it was locked for more than a year and none of the other occupants were not aware about them.
Again i send an e mail to, which was shown in the address no one didnt response to the email, also tried to call on their customer care number just connecting to them and not getting any officers other than answering machine response., i tried their number couple of times and getting only the same response.

Complaint on Micromax TV
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  1. Pranab Kumar Brahma

    I have purchased Micromax 40T2810FHD 101 cm (40) LED TV, vide order no.
    101860706296365200 dtd 20.01.2015. Hardly 6 months have elapsed, meanwhile a visible straight line is appearing on the screen, leaving indicent looking.

    Since the warranty period is one year from the date of purchase, such defect, as enumerated above, is not desirable at all. Needless to mention a company of a repute, need to address the customer`s concern and depute their personnel to assess the problem and do rectify.“But nobody has turned up yet.

    It is surprising that no one was lifting the help line phone, only stereo type cassette was playing.Hence it seems that help line no is nothing but a farce just to mislead the customer,because a stereo type cassette is continuously playing, leaving me prolonged waiting & not connected. The call is not free to me; charges are deducted from my account. Is this so called customer service of the company. Even SMS is eye wash, because no one answered. By doing so, company will be loosing the customer confidence to buy the product.
    Anyway, is there any one in Micromax to hear my plight & redress? Pl rise to the occasion before it is too late.
    Pranab Kumar Brahma. Mobile No. 9898949227


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