Complaint regarding increase in Power rates

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I one of the Connection Holder of TATA would like to bring to your Notice that I had switched from RELIANCE to TATA just for the sake of 1 thing i.e TRUST on TATA’s and was sure that It wont be looting us anymore like Other Power Companies just for the sake of their own benefit. Infact I was sure that the LIGHT BILL will not go to a high range just like as it goes in Reliance. But since last Month, my Bill which coming in the RANGE of Rs. 1000-1200, it crossed the barriers upto Rs. 1800 which cant be borne by us as we are a MIDDLE CLASS FAMILY and we if pay such a HIGH AMOUNT just for the sake of electricity what we will eat and Support our Livelihood. Its very much Shameful for a Government that it has also started doing the same as others do for the sake of Profit. And my Contact No. is 9821422859 for any details relating to mail. And this is all because GOVERNMENT has increased the ELECTICITY UNITS RATES.
Please do the needful so that the Boll Amount does not rise to such an extent and Electicity Units Rates Comes back to Normal as it were earlier.
Yours Faithfully
Aditya Soni
Yours Faithfully

Complaint regarding increase in Power rates
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