Complaint regarding quality and replacement of mobile*

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I have purchased MI4I mobile from flipcard dated 21/05/2015 and got
delivered to my address on 23/05/2015.

I have Samsung core mobile and put both in my jeans front pocket (Mi4I was
backside of Samsung). after 10 min, i have noticed my Mi4I screen got
Brocken and touch was also not working dated 28/05/2015.

I started doubting on your quality of MI4I which screen got Brocken might
with very small pressure and nothing happened with Samsung core. please
find here with picture of my Samsung core and MI4I which will help you to
provide me strength report of your gorilla glass which looks to very week.

[image: 20150629_111250] Fig:1 Bocken place near speaker

I noticed that might be happened with Samsung core camera which is little
outside which created littele pressure near speaker and cause damage and
crake formation looks like same also. Glass is also looks to be very thin
at speaker place.

[image: WP_20150629_10_45_54_Pro] [image:

Fig: 2 No damaged noticed on samsung core which was above MI4I Fig: 3
Protuting portion of camera

I am putting complaint about quality of product. I am thinking, you are
making Indian market for your business with very high configuration with
poor quality and for this flipcart is supporting business partner to you.
You and flipcart are living happily after booking of good profit which is
not acceptable as per customer point of view and making fool to Indian
customer and creating electronic waste in India. I am also planning to put
complaint to customer forum also.

In the view of above, i need strength report of screen used in MI4I near
speaker and *replacement of product as soon as possible*.

Complaint regarding quality and replacement of mobile*
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