Complaint related to Improper functioning of Nagpur University in Technical Education.

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Hello Respected Authority.

I am doing my Mtech from Nagpur university and i am very sad to tell u that the university, as it is very worst in managing its curriculam .

The course duration is of two years for M.Tech but bcoz of university carelessness last batch students have completed it in three years .

The 4 sem in which we have to submit our thesis and defence went around 13 mnths and for us who started our mtech in 2013 should have got our degree in hand by this month .

All Most all of the Universities have completed the 2013-2015 batch but due to our University negligence and careless attitude, till now most of the colleges are yet to submit there thesis itself.

Because of there negligence we are unable to get any job. Bcoz any Company or a College wants a completed degree in CV as a basic condition to permit for interview.

I wanted to do my Phd but bcoz of improper functioning of university and delay in this mtech completion . I am unable to join any college .

Also this university is very worst in displaying results of Engineering exams in time . Most of the sem results come very late allmost in three months time. While the backlock readressal results come after next sem results come . Means we at any cost have to write the exam of same backlocks and also have to wait for both backlock and exam result with a huge loss.

I am very depressed and unable to help myself out of this situation. And i am sure none of my university brothers or sisters are atleast ok with this situation.

Please help us we dont have money to spend even and can’t ask parents to give money bcoz we are already 25 in age to earn enough. But where to go and what to do is really a matter of hell to us . please help us.
I wish you to take a serious action against this matter and help us to get our mtech completion by the end of this month atleast. Plz help us . I litteraly beg u to help us.
Thanking you.
Devendra. Rapelli

Complaint related to Improper functioning of Nagpur University in Technical Education.
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