Complete defective products delivered to me by the company.

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The mail send to the company about the defective which is unreplied till today i.e 25.02.16. The mail was ” I have purchased a car vacuum cleaner which was delivered on 22nd Feb 2016 . The product is High Power 12V Portable Car Wet and Dry Hand-held Vacuum Cleaner (Blue, White)Code: 325145 Merch Ref: 20630. When i connect it to my car for cleaning up, it operate only for 2 minutes after that it was stopped completely to function. Suddenly i get shocked and felt why i decide to purchase from your company? It committed a great mistake i thought. I could not expect from your company at least . Initially after going through your company’s credential i was impressed quite to start transaction but that did not last even for only 2 minutes. Still i take an opportunity for communicating this fact before you for taking the proper steps otherwise i will put this matter before proper forum.”
I need the company should get punished for committing such kind of business.

Complete defective products delivered to me by the company.
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