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I am a regular customer of Big Bazar since last 10+ years and recently I came across couple of instances in BBS BIG BAZAR, PATIA which I would like to bring in to your notice.

I went for shopping along with my Mother (Senior Citizen) and my daughter at around 12 noon and faced following troubles –

1. While entering to the shop, I took gate pass for one the product exchange and then I asked for the credit note at Customer Care so that I can go for other shopping and can do the billing adjustment accordingly. I did not get any note even after I asked 3/4 times. I was being asked to do the shopping first and then come back to the customer care once again. Then I went to Cash Counter after shopping few garments of 3500 INR to do the payment. Then I was being asked to go to Customer Care again to get the Credit note to do the adjustment for the product for which I went for exchange.

Here my concern is, why I was not being given with the Credit Note @ Customer Care when I was asking for it before I started other Shopping. Why customer will do the to and fro movement across CustomerCare Center and Cash Counter just for a small product exchange. Logically I should get a credit note when I hand over the product at the counter and I should have an option to produce the same at cash counter when I complete other shopping. – This will save my effort and remove frustration.

2. I went to Ladies Toilet but the door was closed, after nocking I found a gentlemen coming out of the ladies toilet – this is something alerts women security issues

3. After completion of shopping, I went to cash counter for the bill payment. Because of the issues came up due to unavailability of credit note with me I went to 5th floor to discuss my concern with the Managers but I could not find anyone in that room. I got an answer that its lunch time so no one can be available. – I believe there should be the availability of at least one manager during lunch time. I had to wait for 30 minutes to speak to a manager which should not be the case…

4. Then I came back to the Cash Counter with an hope that I will do the bill payment so that I can leave the shopping mall as it was already too late for me…
After reaching cash counter, I came to know that the cashier left the counter after returning back all the product to my shopping trolly with a note to my mother that “its lunch time and he cant do the bill now, he asked my mother to go to other floor to do the bill payment” – Again this should have happened and that’s too when a senior citizen is waiting at the cash counter to resolve the credit note issues.

5. Finally, spoke to a manager and she called a supporting boy to generate the bill. Here again faced another issue. My total bill value was ~3500 INR and as of that date there was an offer of getting 2 COFFEE MUG @99 INR worth MRP 170 – 210 INR if the total bill amount exceeds 2500 INR. I went for this offer but I got COFFEE MUG of worth 105 INR which is again a kind of cheating customers… There was lot of argument within me and the manager because I was not getting any offer as per the display. Finally I did not go for the offer as I was not getting what I was supposed to get.

With all this, when I hand over my Debit Card, then there were no printing paper/roll inside the card swipe machine to generate the bill. Again I was being asked to wait for 10 minutes. They did not accept cash, not sure why.

With all these issues, my mother (Senior Citizen) had to wait for an additional one hour with all faults from Big Bazar. That time she was not even had her lunch.

I strongly believe such issues should not have occurred in such a big organization and I am not sure why there is no discipline and rules followed in such a great organization.

I am very dis-satisfied with the attitude/response I received form Big Bazar on that day.

It happened on 15th April 2016.

I would appreciate if such issues can be removed in future.

Thanking you!
Senior Project Manager
Infosys Ltd, Bhubaneswar

Concerns on Customer Service
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