Connection not working for more than 20 days and no proper response from YOU Broadband

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M/s You Broadband Ltd.

SUB : Complaint about rude and unprofessional behavior by your Customer Relationship Manager – Ms. Lopa Shah
REF : Connection ID 1044133

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am holding You Broadband connection for more than one year. My customer id is 1044133. Recently on 13/03/2016, renewed connection for one year period, in anticipation of good service and speed, by paying a hefty sum of Rs.6000/-++

My internet is not working since 10/3/2016. I had raised compliant thrice to CRM Ms. Lopa Shah, on given cell no 7573010618. First time it was told that it will start on 19/3, then it was postponed to 22/3, once again it was postponed to 26/3.

On 28/3, yesterday, when I contacted again, it was told in very harsh manner that today it will start anyhow. Upon repeatedly asking , if won’t start, then what should we do ? It was ascertained it will start on 28/3 evening anyhow.

Till today connection is not started.

Today at 14.45, I got call on my mobile, without giving any introduction CRM started screaming, nobody is there at your home, our technician has gone to connect the cable. I told her, if you send your person without advance intimation to customer and expect customer should be waiting for you, how is it possible ? It is not correct approach. You should have informed in advance about visit of your technician. Very rudely she replied, whenever your turn comes, he will visit your house. Again very rudely she asked when you will be available ? When I told after 7 pm in evening. Then with same rudeness and arrogance she told, then technician will not come to your house. This means , either we have to take leave from job and wait for technician or disconnect the connection. Because technician is not going to work either after 6 pm or on Sunday and also YOU Team is not going to inform in advance about visit of technician.

I fail to understand, how would I know, when my turn is there. And as per her logic from 13/3/2016, everyday either me or my wife should remain at home leaving our job, and wait for You Technician.

When I asked details about her senior to complaint about her rude behavior and arrogant approach, instead of any regret she said in YOU Broadband, there is no senior to her. I asked are you owner of You, then she disconnected phone. It’s really surprising that a CRM is equivalent to CEO / MD of company and does not report to anybody in company / local office and does not share details of seniors to complain about.

I had tried to lodge complaint online, but not able to do it. The link given on your website as Online Complaint Registration form, should be discontinues and customers should ask to visit local offices as per reply received from Mr. Rakesh of Vadodara helpline. None of the local office in charge is approachable / contacted through phone. Person has to visit your office traveling 20-25 km to state that connection is not working and your staff is misbehaving, cause, we are fool who paid 1 year rent in advance.

Kindly confirm following issues first :-
1) Why the connection is down for so many days and no information through SMS/ Mail is given, regretting downtime ?
2) No intimation is given, when tentatively service will resume. ?
3) How customer would know, when technician is going to visit his house ?
4) Without any advance intimation, is it fair to expect that customer will be waiting for YOU team, leaving his job aside ?
5) After repetitive commitments also, it is not sure, when connection will start ?
6) I had renewed my connection for one year, however for this type of service level I would like to disconnect connection and get refund of amount paid, with credit of down period.
7) Is the behavior of CRM proper ? If it is proper and justified, please arrange for disconnection and refund, as can’t work with such bad CRM and copany.
8) If it is not proper, I need a written apology letter from DRM on letter head of YOU Broadband and assurance for good service, unbiased polite behavior in future, without harassment.
9) Credit for double the downtime period, as there was no response from YOU Team during down time.
10) The link for Online Complaint Registration is not working. Hope it will be made working before reply. Also the links for rasing unresolved complaint will be made operational, if not working now.

The behavior of staff and company is highly unprofessional in dealing customer complaints, which need to be improved drastically and at lightning speed, speedier than your net connections.

This mail is intentionally marked to all your offices, because upon repeatedly asking also neither location nor contact details of HO was given to me.

I expect a positive and prompt response for this mail.

Sanjay Mungee

Despite making repeated compliants to Appeallte Authorities also, there is no proper action initiated. Everyday, it had been committed, today it will be done, but not started. Till date connection is down.

Worst company came across in life for internet services. For every complaint, ask to visit their local office. Feel that they are still working in bullock cart era.

Connection not working for more than 20 days and no proper response from YOU Broadband
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